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Re: TNG: The Light Fantastic by Jeffrey Lang Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I just finished! I thought it was a great read, and found it hard to put down. Voted above average. Several of my questions from upthread were answered.

One thing I found interesting is that Voyager is said to still be in the DQ (presumably with the rest of the FC fleet) at the time of this novel, which is in November 2385. That's 4.5 years after the Full Circle fleet headed out there on a 3 year mission. I wonder if Mr. Lang/his Editor co-ordinated this tidbit with Kirsten MF Beyer...

I also dug how Mr. Lang dealt with the continuity issue that popped up between Mr. McIntee's Indistinguishable From Magic and Mr. Mack's Cold Equations, in terms of Geordi's love life. Us fanboys love our continuity fixes! Great job Mr. Lang! I hope to read several more Star Trek (or even just Data) stories by you in the future
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