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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 96: Old Man

TFTW Smellincoffee!

Jem'Hadar: We are a Jem'Hadar strike force. And you are...?
Dax: A Trill with PMS.
Jem'Hadar: Sorry to bother you.

Dax: Look at us! DS9 needs a proper barber with proper scissors! Or at least a mirror!

Dax: I'm sensing discomfort.
Kang: You're a Trill, not a Betazoid.
Dax: In that case get moving or I'll gut you like a targ, urinate on your corpse and then go kick some ridged Klingon ass myself.
Kang: Oh for a happy medium with females in this century.

Dax: Well you know how Uhura is always sitting on the bridge? I asked her if she was smuggling a tribble up her skant, and for some reason she got offended.

Joran: Now say "Go ahead, make my day."
Ezri: Go ahead, make the day.
Joran: Make my day.
Ezri: Make my today!
Joran: Make my day!
Ezri: Make me my day!
Joran: What the hell is wrong with you, crazy skank!
Ezri: <Shoots everyone>

...Crazy skank with the space gun. Make my 26 hour day!

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