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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 96: Old Man

DAX: Captain's log. Really tired after last night. Since Worf is recovering in the infirmary, he left me in control of the bridge.

SISKO: Excellent job old man. Since I grew the beard you're the only one I trust to do my shaving.

KANG: She came from Trill she had a thirst for knowledge, she studied science at Starfleet Academy that's where I caught her eye. She told me that her last host was Curzon, I said in that case I'll have a bloodwine she said fine, and in thirty seconds time she said...

I want to live like Klingon people, I want to do whatever Klingon people do, want to kill like Klingon people, want to kill like Klingon people like you. What else could I do? I said I'll see what I can do.

DAX: What? All I told Emeny was that in the year 2373 she would lose the data rod for her favorite holodeck program, and that it rolled under the sofa!

JORAN: There he is. The writer who wrote this episode. You know what to do.
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