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Re: Malcolm Reed and his love-life *** minor spoiler ***

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I think that was because the MACOs were brought on board in the first place because Starfleet felt Reed and his security team weren't getting the job done, and Reed took it personally. So, Reed had an inferiority complex, and took it out on Hayes. Later on, when they serve together, they gain respect for one another.
Hell, the MACOs did essentially take over NX-01's security when they arrived. Seriously, aside from Reed, there's what, two or three Starfleet security officers seen in seasons 3 and 4? Hell, in the MU, Reed himself is a MACO.

The only two times he seemed interested romantically in anyone (besides talking about Ruby) was in T'Pol (I think most of the males on Enterprise were, though), and the female tac officer on Cogenitor.
There was also Silent Enemy where Reed's friend tells Hoshi Reed frequented a seafood restaurant because he had a thing for the waitress, despite the fact he actually hates seafood. Also, in Shuttlepod One he composes messages for several ex-girlfriends. And also, the example I provided earlier from E-squared where he laments not being married in the other timeline and then proceeds to try and chat up the first woman he sees.
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