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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads


Its pretty much the same stuff I've been sayin' here as I was watchin' the episodes.

As for the last couple of episodes...

...I didn't care for Franklin's revelations in 'Shadow Dancing'. I thought it was interestin' that when he "saw" himself, it was wearin' the Minbari-designed uniform, rather than Earth Force, or even his medical smock. The space battle stuff was alright, but the bleedin' eye freaked me out. I also had a problem with Delenn at the end. In her "fast forward" from 'War Without End', she saw that moment (and so did we), but for some reason, she didn't "hear" (and so we didn't). But when Anna arrived, she also spoke, and then Delenn dropped the snow globe. So, why wasn't there audio for Delenn's trip to the future when there was audio for Sheridan's?

...the seaosn finale was pretty good, though. I figured Morden would be there, and I liked the old guy that wound up takin' point to talk to Sheridan. I'm guessin' he was another of expedition "survivors". And even though it ended on a pretty massive cliffhanger (almost literally), I don't have a problem settin' the fourth season aside for the weekend to watch Friday Night Lights, 'cause both Sheridan & Garibaldi are on the box art for the fourth season.
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