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Re: Malcolm Reed and his love-life *** minor spoiler ***

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I would think that once an Andorian was past their fertile age, that it wouldn't be such a big deal if they were then in an untraditional relationship.
True; we have seen that in the books (partially as a way to explain why Shran, for instance, mated with Talas, but still something that made sense). Whether that sort of pairing or other non-standard matings are truly accepted or just something people turn a blind eye and a shrugged shoulder to, is perhaps worth exploring. We know that tezha, bonding with only one partner (or two, I guess) is considered the height of irresponsibility in young Andorians (sort of loosely analogous to sex before marriage in many Earth cultures), but the situation post-fertility is far more complex.

As others have noted, the books are potentially placed to explore this further now that we have zh'Tarash, who is raising her thei with a single partner (albeit not by the quad's mutual choice, since her ch'te and th'se were killed in the Borg Invasion). And with Bashir's Miracle, Andorian society is going to face a lot of upheaval in terms of an increased liberalism (and possible resistance to it), I think.
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