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Re: Malcolm Reed and his love-life *** minor spoiler ***

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Another idea I think may be interesting is what if there were a transsexual Vulcan? Now, unlike Earth or Starfleet in 22, 23, or the 24th centuries, where LGBT shouldn't be a big deal, I can see Vulcans, who are uber conservative and uber repressed, maybe having an issue with a transsexual Vulcan. Not unlike the shame T'pol had to face for being with a telepathic Vulcan, maybe Vulcan society struggles with the "logic" of a Vulcan who changes his or her gender, and lives as the opposite gender of their birth. I think that would be an interesting story line.
That's an interesting idea. As you say, Vulcan mainstream culture might have an strong opposition to transsexual identity and the resulting decisions because they're seen as being based in emotion or in sub-rational, "instinctive" matters of identity, rather than hard logic? Which is to say, it's not so much the idea that one wishes to live as the other sex that they have issues with, so much as the motive for doing so being at odds with what they consider socially responsible. Whereas a non-Vulcan might think "okay, you feel like you're really the other sex, sure, I'm not stopping you" (and a Betazoid, say, might insist that "if that's how you feel, you must of course follow it through") a Vulcan might say "You feel that you are rightly or more satisfactorily a member of the other sex? That is not logical. Feelings are to be suppressed, as when indulged they are the enemy of rationality". Which is interesting, because it's not transexual identity itself that they would be opposing, it would be the means by which that identity is arrived at. So I agree that transsexual Vulcans would be an interesting thing to explore!
Exactly. Vulcans are all about suppressing emotion and urges. A transgendered Vulcan is almost the very antithesis of this suppression and as you say, choosing a gender is very emotional and about how it makes one feel. It isn't a logical decision. At the same time, Vulcans are also supposed to accept infinite diversity in infinite combinations. How would Vulcan society accept this? How would other Vulcans treat a transgendered Vulcan? How is Pon Far handle? So many possibilities from which to write about, in my view.
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