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Re: Malcolm Reed and his love-life *** minor spoiler ***

I think as long as the relationship received fair screen time, and the relationship were handled well - a normal amount of affection - people who want gay characters would be happy. I don't recall anyone ever asking for a gay story - just gay characters.
Although I liked Ezri Dax I thought it was disappointing that the next Dax wasn't a man. Worf's reaction alone would've made it worth it! But that would've left DS9 with only one female lead, which would've been a problem.
I would think that once an Andorian was past their fertile age, that it wouldn't be such a big deal if they were then in an untraditional relationship. It's worth pointing out that on Andor, exclusive heterosexuality would be just as scandalous I would expect as homosexuality. Anything outside of being attracted to the other three genders would be a cultural taboo. I am really fascinated by the Andorians.
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