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Re: Malcolm Reed and his love-life *** minor spoiler ***

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I couldn't help but think of the really interesting development the Andorians have gotten in the novels. I'd think that an Andorian whose sexual orientation didn't embrace the four gender marriage would face some social stigma. An Andorian who wanted to be with only one or two partners and/or wasn't attracted to the other three genders wouldn't be able to reproduce if they were true to their orientation.
Exactly. Andorians who didn't embrace the cultural standard faced intolerance, not because their orientations were seen as inherently immoral or provoked disgust - which would be the equivalent of true homophobia - but because their desires and identities were obstacles to the convention seen as socially responsible and required of all citizens. Which is the equivalent of a given homosexual person facing negative judgements or disappointment when "outing" him/herself even in the absence of true homophobia. Which is why, while I agree that in most cases homosexuality wouldn't bat an eye among cosmopolitan federates, there's still reason for certain homosexuals to face "coming out" issues of a sort in their native communities, if one wished to explore that. After all, announcing to a bar full of mixed-race Federation citizens that you're homosexual would just earn you a reaction of "And? What's the issue?", but announcing it to the elders of your village on Arbazan might be quite harrowing.

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A story featuring gay characters doesn't have to be about homosexuality any more than a story featuring straight characters has to be about heterosexuality.
Indeed. The problem is finding a balance, because of course to some people - those who have been frustrated by the odd lack of homosexual characters in a franchise like Trek - it is a "big thing", something they want to see very much, but simultaneously to make an issue of it would be as bad, in terms of acceptance, as ignoring it. The urge to play a homosexual relationship as a "HOMOSEXUAL relationship" rather than a "homosexual RELATIONSHIP" would be strong, and in one way entirely understandable, but in another way... very problematic.
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