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Re: Speculations on Star Trek 3?

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So, what is next for the Abrams Trek universe? After the events of Into Darkness, what is the next popular classic retelling we could expect to see? A more malevolent Telosian story, it's the five year mission into space, so we have to expect alien contact other then what we have seen..or are we again returning to earth? Could there be another, Mirror Mirror on the horizon? A human empire vs federation dichotomy?

A corbomite maneuver style episode?

So many choices to work with...
Well, with the 'slate wiped clean' I expect a new alien race, or maybe a familiar alien race (not Klingons!) like the Andorians or another race that involves the Enterprise crew.

There will be action mixed with drama, due to a strong script that brings in many new Star Trek fans. And, will probably go down as one of the best sci-fi pictures of all time.

Kirk will mature, Spock will mature, Uhura will be relevant and tough outside her relationship with Spock, Sulu has his time to shine, McCoy has his time to shine. So, does Scotty and Chekov.

And, then....I woke up.

Who knows maybe your dream will come true.
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