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One of the things I liked in STID (which other people didn't like about it) was the simple and obvious way Kirk fixed the warp core. He didn't do it by typing on a console or with a bunch of made-up technobabble. It reminded me of how in TOS when there was a problem Scotty had to climb into a jeffries tube and put the ship back together by hand.
Because fixing a piece of highly complex 23rd century technology should appear simple and obvious.
That depends on what it is. For a big dramatic moment having it all done with technobabble would have made it too nerdy. But it's something that always annoyed me in later Star Treks where the ship is under attack, the shields are down and they can be fixed simply by diverting power or repolarizing something. To me it's far more dramatically satisfying to see someone physically putting the ship back together than pressing a bunch of buttons.
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