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DS9 Caption Contest 96: Old Man

Next up in our countdown to the big 100, the lovely lietenant (commander) Dax. She's the old man and a young woman, clever and fierce -- and three characters at once! See what you make of her, but first -- last's weeks winners!

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TOUR GUIDE: Welcome to the Museum of Fine Arts. This piece is one we just acquired. By contrasting a vaguely human form with cold mechanical shapes, it explores and criticizes the role of technology in our lives, and suggests that perhaps it is the technology that is shaping us. This piece was done in 1994 by an artist living in New York, it is one of the earliest and some would say the best out of his modern phase.
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Lwaxana: Found you at last, my sweet little Odo! Ooooo that's my boy! I'm just gonna wuv you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever...
Odo: I should have joined the Great Link when I had the chance.

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Odo: Go ahead. Make my day.
Quark: I don't know, Woody Allen?
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Odo: And now, our next song: My heart will go on.

Worf: This wedding reception is without honor!
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"Hello? Bajor Plumbing? I need help with a clogged drain...No, I tried the plunger...yeah it's clogged bad...please just hurry it's starting to wave at me and I am kinda scared...ok I'll be here just ring the bell."


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ODO: Okay. Quark. You caught me. I am wearing a wire.
Congratulations to the winners; and now, Dax! ..and Dax!

DS9 Caption Contest #122: What Kind of Doctor Are You, Again?
"The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.." - Commander Montgomery Scott.
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