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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Yes, the official forums are full of talk about this. The random part seems like it will really discourage people from using the new system. Unless you are dilithium rich, it makes more sense to spend a little more for a guarantee. If the new crafted gear has unique (and useful) mods, I can see that tempting some to go with it.
The devs have mentioned in the past that they had considered making crafting a personal reputation faction. Which implies the items coming out of crafting will be roughly as powerful as personal reputation items. The dilithium costs is a further confirmation as they are in line with dil store costs and presonal reputation item costs. Unless Cryptic breaks its own design rules, there is no way the majority of crafted items will be as or more powerful than T5 fleet items.

The best Cryptic can do is have (A) unique mods that players find useful at the expense of less power elsewhere; and/or (B) have a tiny small handful of items that are more powerful than T5 fleet items. The third possibility is if the crafted item costs 300,000 dilithium, then yes it may be more powerful than a T5 fleet item.

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Also, will crafted items be bound, or can they be posted to the exchange in the new system?
Afaik, they can be given to other players or sold on the exchange.
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