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Re: NASA artist Bob McCall's TMP paintings

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My dream scenario was getting Berkey onboard as conceptual designer for a film around a quarter-century back, essentially to do what McCall began on THE BLACK HOLE, but without the reversal of style that happened there when Ellenshaw came on.
Now IIRC, Cygnus was a little more slab-sided, less Eiffel tower then--rather like some of the early Buck Rogers in the 25th Century art? Or was Bob's painting the one in the Cygnus dining room where the ship looked even larger, with even more of that supertanker deck look?

In terms of the warp interlace effect--instead of that being used for travel, I can see it being used for something else...capturing some energy creature between two nacelles, or perhaps a shuttlecraft rising between the two nacelles, the small shuttle nacelles energy locking with the main starship nacelles, and racing backwards as a plane on a carrier deck...
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