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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I just had a quick look at the new crafting system on Tribble. Ugh.

1) Big icons, but small fonts for assignment names. Its made duty officer assignments much harder to find. Also, all special duty officer assignment rewards are just listed as "Special Duty Officer", even though the reward could be a warp core, shield. Very. Non. Intuitive.

2) All star cluster maps have been removed and replaced by one button that opens up a duty officer assignments that used to be in star clusters. Meaning we've lost all personal and departmental duty officer assignments at star clusters.

3) Old one step crafting recipes have been replaced by multi-step crafting. I could not do any crafting as I have no idea where to find the new crafting materials. But from the UI it looks like first, you have to craft sub-components, then have a final crafting step that makes an item. The quality is random, controlled by crafting level so a high level crafter has more chance of creating very rare items. I am not sure I like the idea that I put in x amount of dilithium but because of random factor, I may not craft a very rare item.
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