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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I got my LTS almost immediately after the f2p release two years ago. Haven't regretted it one second. And its paid for itself several times over by now.
I actually got mine before the game launched.

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So, this was posted over on the STO forum:

A couple of odd choices for returning Delta Quadrant species.
You know the fact that the Borg and Voth are featured and the Undine will be in the Delta Quadrant makes me think a theory regarding how the Borg/Voth war, the Borg invasion of the Alpha Qudrant, and the Undine needing the Dyson spheres to attack the Alpha Qudrant might be connected to the Iconians attacking the Undine might be right.

The theory...

Basically after the Iconians attacked the Undine they (the Undine) stared their attempts to cleanse the galaxy by restarting their war with the Borg. The Borg got their asses handed to them and started attacking the Alpha Quadrant and the Voth to get a leg up on the Undine. And because the Undine's main fleet was already in the Delta Quadrant they decided to set up the Dyson spheres as a bridge to make razing the Alpha Quadrant easier since they don't have to dimension hope just to get there.
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