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Re: its Star Trek Vs 25th anniversary!

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Posted this in another thread but will repeat here.

I have and have heard many opinions on how this movie could be made better, and a FX makeover would help. Could this movie be given the Star Wars treatment, adding elements not in the original in service of filling out the film?

This movie contrasts sharply with TUC in political feel. TUC is very much a bigger film than just the TOS crew. We see and understand motive power behind Klingon and Federation. TFF SHOULD be even bigger, since Federation, Klingon, AND Romulan governments are involved. But we don't see anything more than a two minute Harve Bennett cameo and a one-liner and a couple of grunts from Korrd to suggest that any of these governments give a rats ass about what is going on.
I agree 100%.

It always seemed like it they were acting like it was a big event but they didn't show us that it really was.

Why wasn't there a Romulan ship sent as well? That would have been better than the money they spent on Sybok's army storming Paradise City (most of which was cut)

Enterprise or the Klingons could have engaged the romulans who wanted to be there first at all costs. Why was it a junior officer sent instead of a battle tested commander (cause the two young actors were working for cheap?)

Why was it the BOP AGAIN? We saw in the original series that the D7s could cloak. (cheaper to film the BOP?)

Why the 3rd rate "actress" to play Dar? (because she was cheap?)

It wanted to pretend it was an epic story while wasting time on idiotic humor and the ship being broken. WTF?

Hire David Warner and give him NOTHING to do?

There was a lot more wrong than the FX and the forced humor.

They promised the audience an action story and gave us none except Sybok vs. the paradise city police? and Kirk vs Sybok's ragtag band.

That's a promise broken.

no proper space battle, no proper hand to hand action and no proper firefights.

Trek doesn't need those things (at least not in 1989) but don't promise and not deliver.
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