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Re: LE: One Constant Star by David R. George III Review Thread (Spoile

Just finished the book yesterday. I've had some difficulty pinning it down, but finally voted 'average'. The obvious issue here, is that Serpents Among the Ruins is one of my all-time favorite Trek novels, and despite its many good parts, One Constant Star simply lacks the impact that Serpents had, at least for me. It felt a lot like an episode-of-the-week story as far as the exploration of Rejarris went, and I think the story could've used a bit more time with Demora and her father in the second half. I also felt the loss of her father's ship could have been stressed a bit more in the early parts of the book, and felt that perhaps the chapter that details it would have served better as the "pre-credits teaser" than in its current form as a mid-story flashback. What I did like was that ultimately, the mystery of the planet was not completely solved. My guess is the Rejarrans were eaten by the spider monsters, but I do prefer it that this thread was left dangling.

The book's strongest side for me, was its character work. I very much liked Harriman's parts, both his dedication to his former crew and his relationship with Sasine. He continues to be a much stronger character than his brief stint in Generations might have implied, and I found his obvious choice to put his relationship before his career very refreshing. He did eclipse Demora a bit in the second half, though, considering things were wrapped up rather quickly after she got out of sickbay. My favorite among the B crew however, continues to be Xintal Linojj, and it was great she got so much development.

A final note, is that the story felt a bit rushed in places. We spent quite a bit of page time with Demora and her two ensigns, and then in the final part months pass in but a few pages. A few more chapters devoted to the Excelsior crew and the Sulus might have improved it further.

So, in conclusion: enjoyable, but a bit of a mixed bag.
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