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Re: Speculations on Star Trek 3?

Well, I almost didn't see ST:ID in the theater because I despised ST2009(I was eventually dragged into it by friends), and I don't intend to see JJ3.

Because ST2009 sucked and ST:ID sucked more so it's safe to bet JJ3 will suck even more.

I also believe JJ will fuckup Star Wars too.

Now, TMP is a classic. If Decker was in command the Enterprise would be conducting warp simulations to this day and VGer would have had its way with Earth.

Come to think of it, who requested/assigned Ilia to NCC 1701? Decker? Decker didn't appear to be "over" her at all. Not professional.

Fuck Decker. We are better with him in the other dimension.
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