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Re: Best of Bantam?

Actually, anybody who read Gerrold's two nonfiction works for Ballantine (The World of Star Trek and The Trouble with Tribbles) instantly recognized exactly what The Galactic Whirlpool is: it's a reworking of the very first spec outline he pitched to Star Trek, originally titled "Tomorrow Was Yesterday," with the title plot element added in order to provide the story with some much-needed jeopardy.

As to The Starless World, World Without End, the ever-popular Devil World, and Perry's Planet, I've always regarded them as the least-worthwhile of the Bantam ST novels, all of them variations on the "Kirk & Co. get themselves in trouble with an alien civilization that turns out to be entirely different from what it seems" cliche.

I liked Death's Angel, with its comic-relief ambassador names and its "Special Security Division" (which anticipates Section 31, among other things). And Trek to Madworld was a comic romp of the sort we wouldn't see again until How Much for Just the Planet.

I'd say that the two "Phoenix" books' biggest fault wasn't the K/S elements, but the fact that they were so damned confusing.

All in all, I find the best of the Bantam novels to be better than a lot of the first dozen or so Pocket novels.

And I've never gotten rid of a Star Trek novel unless I somehow acquired two of the same title.
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