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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads



Was this just the episode were the decisions he made regarding the riot act catch up to him? It seemed like it, but is that the end of it, or are there still people gunning for him? It was a good episode I thought, and I hope they . Earth seems to be in a pretty bad way, or at least the rest of the Earth Alliance and we haven't really seen that much. I hope they expand on the Mars terrorist attacks, since it all seems to be building up to something, maybe the season finale? I don't know.

Good little side plot with the Minbari dude and Garybaldi, though it was a little weird they were driving it so fast without a helmet .


A bit boring, but interesting because we got to see more of the Minbari society. Got to see the Warrior caste which was good to see, because I expected the Minbari to be a lot more hostile towards humans after a bloody war, especially since the only reason they lost it seems is because the religious caste issued the surrender order. It's a shame they didn't expand on how the war started, other than some guy called Dukat () died.
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