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Re: post traumatic stress syndrome - any advice to share?

The way I learned it, the yoga postures are ideals that can, but donīt have to be attained. Even the yoga teachers I met freely admit, that there are certain areas where they feel less at home or are simply lacking abilites. Only the top yoga gurus can do everything, but you donīt have to become one

In my experience sport didnīt help. Sure youīre exhausted afterwards, but the thoughts, feelings or needs always came back to me anyway. I guess it depends, if youīre really having fun doing the sport that you do or if you just do it to take your mind off of your problems. When you find a sport that youīre truly enjoying and where you canīt wait until you can do it again it may be different. Either way, it wonīt do you any harm if you go ahead and try

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