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Re: post traumatic stress syndrome - any advice to share?

{{{Ziyal}}}, you're a darling!
I'm trying the convincing myself that I'm safe and it does work somewhat. I also surrounded me by pics of my friends which helps calming me down.
I've tried the meds only twice so far and the effect was not exactly noticeable (apart from a massive drop in blood pressure and distinct dizziness), but the info leaflet says it'll take up to 2 weeks till there is an effect, so I'll just have to be patient.

Mario, I had no idea that one could adapt Yoga to one's abilities. That sounds indeed interesting. I'll see if there's a good teacher in my town. In the country it's a little difficult to find someone who does such exotic things Coincidentially, the property manager's secretary does Tai Chi. We learned different styles and are now going to teach each other occasionally. That'll be fun!

I'm also thinking to get a membership in the fitness studio right across the street. I imagine that a hard workout might possibly make me too tired to worry and get scared. Plus sport makes your brain release endorphines which cheer you up.
Have any of you experience with sports as a therapy? Does it work as I imagine it or does it have no effect?
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