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Re: Deluxe soundtrack?

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There are plenty of examples of "silly fan entitlement" on display in various threads throughout this message board.
Wanting a complete original soundtrack from the start, rather than a half-empty warm-up requiring two purchases instead of one, doesn't strike me as S.F.E.
Wanting is one thing. Expecting is another, entirely.

The outrage over the Into Darkness home video special features comes to mind.
When even Blu-Ray buyers are forced to buy THREE separate versions of one film to get all the features, when the studio is perfectly capable of putting them into one is blatant paramount disrespect (pokes Harry Mudd in stomach).
Boo hoo. CBS/Paramount own the content. They can distribute it however they see fit. This time around, if you wanted everything, you had to buy all three separate versions. If you buy all three versions, that's nobody's fault but your own.

Some fans want what they want and are increasingly unable to cope when the content they want isn't given to them exactly as they expect it.
Many of us WILL double-dip. Some will not. But we shouldn't HAVE to. It's penalizing. We want the complete version.
What you SHOULD be able to do and what you CAN do are two entirely different things.

We deserve it. And. We. WANT. It. FIRST. Not later. I'm not mad at YOU. Just the studio.
"We deserve it" -- sounds an awful lot like entitlement to me.

The point is that it's there if you really want it. Clearly you don't really want it.
We do. But not later. Not twice. Once. Now. Greedy @#$%ers.
Not greedy. Smart business. It's their property to do with as they please. Not yours. Not mine. And this demonstration of further desire for instant gratification is another woeful symptom of fandom today -- Tiresome and embarrassing.

But the implication that somehow fans are being shortchanged because one version is currently available but another isn't (yet, anyway) is ridiculous.
Nyet. We......don't......WANT......two versions, wewantONE!!!
There is one version available. And you can get it for as little as $7.00.

Also: in the future, you might want to do a better job quoting people like this.
Learn how to use the formatting tools on the site - they're not difficult to understand.
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