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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

I've finished rebuilding the basic string of corridors for use in Unreal 4. Again, a total rebuild, using almost nothing from my previous build in Unreal 3. This basic "Stage 9 Layout" will be used as a template for individual decks' corridor layouts. I've totally revamped lighting as well, giving it a more authentic feel than my previous attempt.

NOTE: I have not gotten around to building the diagonal Jeffery's Tube yet, explaining it's absence.

Here, you see I've created a light panel that is placed where the set's studio lights would normally be.

Thanks to Text Renders, I don't have to model each individual sign aboard the Enterprise. I simply have programed the basic sign models to receive text input, so that I can quickly set each sign to say whatever I'd like, without having to painstakingly model each one in 3DS Max. A little less detailed since the text is flat instead of appearing to be beveled into the sign boards, but a much quicker process.

And here are the various props and greeblies I've modeled to decorate the corridor:

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