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Re: post traumatic stress syndrome - any advice to share?

It definitely is!
Yoga is a good idea but I think I'll first have to "partially dematerialize myself". I am somewhat equatorially challenged and couldn't possibly fold myself up like that.
I've been doing Tai Chi for decades but I am not calm and concentrated enough during a fit, so that's no option. I might end up accidentially decapitating myself when practrizing with my sword (I use a rather heavy steel sword instead of these feather light tai chi practizting swords)

I'm quite amazed at how many people have or had similar probs. It's really good to know that I'm not alone.
I talked about my problem with a colleague the other day who always seems like the paramount of calmness. He told me that last year he voluntarily spent 2 weeks as in-patient in a clinic when he suffered from a severe depression. I was pretty perplexed.
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