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Re: post traumatic stress syndrome - any advice to share?

thank you all for the good advice and the good wishes. Both is very helpful!

Robert, I have been rationalizing it all for the last months and am aware of the triggers and the whole mechanism. Unfortunately, while my intellect understands that it's being manipulated by my gut feeling, my guts don't get it and keep making me feel scared. I just don't know how to take that last step because I've never been in a similar situation.

That's why I saw a psychologist last week (great minds, Emilia Your concern is much appreciated!) and have an appointment for an evaluation test next Monday.
My shrink thinks that a strong tranquilizer during the attacks and developing anti-stress-rituals should do the trick but just in case we decided to try two ways and add a classical talk-about-it therapy (which is what you suggested, bbailey )

So we covered the basics, but I wondered whether there might be any additional things we could try out or any solutions we overlooked. Firsthand experience is always better than book knowledge and so it's quite possible that an armchair psychologist here has a really good trick for me to try out.

The best therapy would propably be to get myself a BF again to have a shoulder to lean on - often a hug helps more than a bottle of pills. But the males here are either taken or suitable to man any tunnel of horror...
(The shrink is nice but looks like The Spleen's twin )
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away

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