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Re: Genetically engineered tomatoes

No offense, Random_Spock, but GMOs are the current bogeyman. Genetically modified food is what you've been eating all of your life.

The fact is that thanks to genetically modified food, our planet can support not only every other animal, but also the 7+ billion humans who currently inhabit it. People generally misunderstand GMO, and that genetically modifying food has been going on for thousands of years through crossbreeding and interpollination.

That local grown potato? Watermelon? Apple? All genetically modified seed at some point, before it was ever planted in the soil. Luther Burbank was one of the greatest horticulturists in American history, and he was an avid proponent of genetically modifying food. The only reason it seems so scary today is that now we use different methods, but the science is still sound.

Don't let naturalist sites, and whole foods/organic sites convince you otherwise. They have an agenda to sell, too. The organic foods industry makes $26 billion a year ( in profits, and plenty of people who don't understand the science behind GMO, so they worry for their safety, and the safety of their families. In truth, organic is no safer, no more nutritious than genetically modified food.

If anything, GMOs save our forests. A GM based farm can produce far, far more food using less arable land. The organic movement may mean well, but they're shooting themselves in the proverbial foot.

Here is some reading I recommend:
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