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Re: Genetically engineered tomatoes

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Farms - growing both GMO and Organic veggies (including tomatos)- butt right up against eachother. For the most part, these crops, they, uh ... they breed by sending their spunk airborne - and downwind! So ... how, uh ... how do these people know that there hasn't been cross-breeding? In fact, Unless an organic farm is in some kind of an arboritum, I don't really see how it can be prevented ...

Here is a thought...

(not a real ad, but would make an interesting pop-up)

Farmers?...are you sick of accidental cross-pollination of your produce?
Sick of being heckled at your local Farmers Market for GMO?
Tired of being called, "Nuke the Cuke" or "The Irradiated Radish"?

Then tractor right down to your Farm Service Store and get you a pack of Spunk-Saver Airborne Preventative Produce more pesky mutations...happy customers...sold in packs of 3 or 12...hurry, now...
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