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Re: Genetically engineered tomatoes

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Actually no, it wasn't genetic engineering that caused them to lose their taste. It was traditional breeding that caused that, and genetic engineering is being used to fix it. 70 years go, when this change first happened, as stated at the beginning, genetic engineering wasn't even close to possible.

I'll be interested to see how the anti-GMO crowd reacts to these tomatoes. They will be genetically modified to fix a gene that was damaged by traditional breeding and selection, so they will actually be more like heirloom varieties. Yet they will be GMOs.
And I'll be avoiding them like the plague.

They should let people choose what kinds of vegetables they want to eat and not force it upon them.

Not everyone wants to eat genetically modified food.

No matter how they try to dress it, it's still genetically modified.
Is this sarcasm or an attempt at a joke or what?
It's not. I'm downright serious.

Got nothing against people who don't mind them either tbh. It's their choice.
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