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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

PKTrekGirl said:
My problem these days is that I'm out of new stuff to watch.


good new scifi is in pretty short supply these days, IMO.

it's sad, but the last show i cared about was firefly, and that was almost *counts quickly* almost 5 (!) years ago

nBSG and WHO are good, but not special (at least not to me).

fortunately, i never seem to tire of re-watching B5, DS9 and TNG again and again and again. i don't really need much more than that, since there doesn't ever seem to be much time to watch anything anyway.

still, it would be nice to have something new. maybe if only for a little while...

who knows, at some point things might get so bad, i might even watch some fantasy. i hear Angel is pretty good.
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