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Re: Who Came First? - Female or Male?

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Men's nipples are the red herring of life. It's best to ignore them completely.
I strongly disagree. You'd be surprised what a tongue and carefully applied teeth can do to a man's nipples (with tangible effects 2 feet further down)

Seriousely, though: females came first. The male Y chromosome is a crippled X. Also, in every single species that developed different genders the male is frequently unable to produce offspring of any sort in its body whereas females can propagate even without male involvement (parthenogenesis).

As for the religious aspects: almost all religions that feature a strong male creator god are comperatively young. The older religions (such as that of the Celts, for example) were frequently dominated by a fertile female character, a sort of Earth-Mother. In addition, the only idols found that date back to the stone age are female fertility idols, such as the 25,000 year old Willendorf Venus
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