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Re: Deluxe soundtrack?

Somehow, I just knew you were going reply.

LOKAI of CHERON wrote: View Post
I have merely elected to wait for a possible (probable?) expanded edition of a soundtrack I like but don't love. In the meantime, I can quite easily live without it. "Double dipping is not the end of the world" - OK, err, so? I simply do not want to double dip on this release, that's it - no more, no less.
Good for you!

Is it really necessary to use terms like "silly fan entitlement" when discussing this by the way?
Once again, I was not referring specifically or solely to you.

There are plenty of examples of "silly fan entitlement" on display in various threads throughout this message board.

The outrage over the Into Darkness home video special features comes to mind.

The whining about the TOS Soundtrack Box Set and before it the Ron Jones TNG Box Set not (initially) being made available in single disc releases.

Some fans want what they want and are increasingly unable to cope when the content they want isn't given to them exactly as they expect it. Even now, in the thread about the TOS Box Set thread, despite the gargantuan amount of manpower and work hours LaLaLand put into that 15-disc set and all 636 tracks (636!) there are still people in that thread who don't think it's enough. They spent time bitching about whether or not a track was missing. They're now wasting their time trying to assemble individual episode scores. The point is it's just not enough. Nothing ever will be.

That's what I mean by fan entitlement.

So, LOKAI, take a step back. I know it might be hard to parse out but my comments were not directed toward you. If you don't want to drop $7 on the album, great! The point is that it's there if you really want it. Clearly you don't really want it. But the implication that somehow fans are being shortchanged because one version is currently available but another isn't (yet, anyway) is ridiculous. Now, I know you didn't say that specifically, but someone would eventually. They always do.

And since I wasn't responding to you or referring to you specifically, you shouldn't be worried about any of it. So... chill.
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