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Re: Star Trek TNG Reboot coming?

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If the TNG "reboot" was in the NuTrekverse then a bleak and war-torn Yesterday's Enterprise-style future might be just what they'd face. Seeing as how the NuTOS characters don't have much in the way of maturity or common sense, a war started then could still be going on by the time of a 20-something crew of the E-D are on the scene (where female skants are little more than micro miniskirts and tubetops).
I remember JJ Abrams talking about how his wife had input into how nuUhura should be characterized. Then look at the end result: An arrogant nagging bitch. lol

Then the nuTrek version of Carol Marcus: tits!!!

If you look at TOS, Uhura was an integral part of the crew with no need to antagonize any of the male crew, and was very sweet.
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