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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you all to the best forum based Trek RPG out there. We currently have 2 ships, the Intrepid class, Voyager and the Nebula class Endeavor and a fully functioning Federation space station, Deep Space 12. We focus on exploration and try to stay as canon as is humanly possible. Ie, you will never find some supership made up by fans or a shuttle capable of warp 15 or some such nonsense. Also, we are active, no posting and waiting 2 weeks for someone else. Some of our players post up to 8-10 posts a day!!

So, if your looking for an active, fun, exciting Trek RPG (that has excellent graphics by the way, LCARS, Ship pics, great Character pics, etc.), please visit us at:

Click on the forums link for the simm, or the website for background and information.
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