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Re: Star Trek 3: The Edge of Forever

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No, they never existed to go back to the '30s.
Yes, they did.

Remember, the divergence only happens in 2233. Any time before that, there is only one timeline, not two.

Time travelers from either the prime or Abrams timelines can travel back to any point prior to 2233, and while they're doing that, they can even meet. They're simply two possible futures. Either one is equally real.
No, that's not how alternate timelines work. The divergent point was in 2233 but the fact that an alternate timeline was created makes them both separate from each other in all aspects. Therefore while both timelines' pasts would be identical up to 2233, they're still completely separate and they don't overlap.
Come on, we're talking about ever-changing made up science in a fantasy world. In TNG: "Time Squared", when the timeline changed the duplicate Picard and shuttlecraft faded away. In ENT: "The Expanse" there was a change in the 22nd century which somehow took time to affect the 31st, despite instantaneous effects shown before. Taking Archer out of his timeline in "Shockwave" instantly destroys the future, yet when Daniels does it in "Azati Prime" and "Zero Hour" it's no biggie. Then there's Spock beaming Captain Christopher into himself in "Tomorrow is Yesterday" which doesn't make a whole lot of sense at all.

I think it's fair to say, with the word of god and diagrams on the IDW and STO web sites, and as described in novels, that a shared past is the way time travel is working for the moment.

(Christopher's novel DTI: Watching the Clock does a masterful job of weaving most of Trek's contradictory time travels into one massively complicated but seemingly consistent system. It's a good read, too.)
If they did, all that prime-Spock would have to do to go home is slingshot around a sun to 1930, go to Earth, wait for his younger self and co. to show up and then go back to through the Guardian with them and then take a second hop back to his own future.
Who says he can't? Spock doesn't want to go back to his future. He spells it out in ST'09 - he feels responsible for the destruction of Vulcan and has dedicated the rest of his life to helping them rebuild. "KthanxbyeLLAP!" isn't in his nature.
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