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Re: Should a New Star Trek show be willing to kill off major character

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
"Opernation--Annihilhate" comes to mind. There's a reason it wasn't titled "Operation--Peace and Tranquility!"

They killed off Kirk's brother AND his sister-in-law . . . and a whole string of obscure alien planets.
Correct me if I'm wrong, Greg (may I call you Greg?), but in the original script, didn't Kirk end up destroying all life on the planet?

MacLeod wrote: View Post
Perhaps one of the issues with TV is that some people might tune into a show because of a certain character they like, and if you kill them off you could potentially loose audiance, so perhaps that is why they play it safe. Of coure in some shows, anyone can die so why does it work for some shows and not for others?
That is a great question!
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