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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

PKTrekGirl said:
Yeah, Farscape is hard enough to follow when you watch it in ORDER. Watching out of order is pretty much pointless.
And it doesn't help when WGN has a two hour block of Farscape, with one early episode and then one later episode from the series, instead of production order.

Is BSG a rerun for you also? Or have you been watching that all along?
Its new to me, mostly. I've caught random episodes, but after seein' the local Blockbuster had the miniseries, the first season and both season 2.0 & 2.5, I decided to give it a shot, since I can rent 'em for free.

My problem these days is that I'm out of new stuff to watch...
That's why I picked up Babylon 5 & Dark Angel, while also buildin' up my Stargate SG-1 library.

... And the current shows that I'm watching (Dr Who, Eureka, The 4400) aren't enough.
SciFi wise, I'm still watchin' The 4400, Doctor Who, The Dead Zone as they air, more or less. I'm also lookin' forward to Torchwood when it starts on BBC America in the next couple of weeks.

And Stargate Atlantis shoudl be comin' soon.

...but good new scifi is in pretty short supply these days, IMO.
No kiddin'.

Tried Painkiller Jane and Flash Gordon, but both were so terrible they made my hair hurt.
I fell asleep durin' the first episode of Painkiller Jane and Flash Gorden was too gawd awful to even think about watchin'. Even the promos make me wince after I saw the pilot episode.
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