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Spock Messiah! is nothing short of awesome. It is lurid. It is trashy. When you're nine years old and you think Barsoom is the place you want most to visit in all the universe, this is the Star Trek novel you want. I love it unreservedly.
I remember enjoying it a lot, but being completely perplexed at the description of a red-haired Scotty.

Aside from James Blish's adaptations, which IMO are gems that became overlooked with the advent of the VCR, Haldeman's Planet of Judgement and the New Voyages collections were tops. Following up, The Galactic Whirlpool.
I am constantly surprised by the close-mindedness of some fans...this means change as well as a positive attitude. Without those things, how can we ever achieve that Trek future we enjoyed so much on TV? --Bjo Trimble
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