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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads


Zzzzzz, pretty boring. Crappy karate kid/rocky type storyline going on, then when the fight actually starts its like something out of WWE when they're exchanging punches. I also found the Ivanova father thing a bit boring as well, even if it did show a bit more of her past.


Good episode I thought. The guy looking for the holy grail was hella cool, and I liked how he took the jinx under his wing. It was pretty funny at the end when they're watching him leave with bated breath . I didn't really notice that the Minbari have a caste society, but that explains why the Minbari on B5 don't seem to be a species which had just been involved in a war with Earth - they're the religious part, not the warrior caste.

Some random thoughts so far

I don't really like that there seems to be 3 main characters, as in the ones who run the station. Seems sort of low. Sometimes the seemingly low budget does get to me, and the music can be a little instrusive at times but it doesn't detract too much from the show itself which has been good so far, at times the music seems to play like they had just won a stage in a vidyagame.
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