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Re: USS Kelvin - is there an official size?

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The story makes the direct implication that the Abramsverse sprang from a variation in the Primeverse, nothing subtle about it.
No it doesn't. Please provide proof as to why the Abramsverse sprung from a variation of the prime universe and not directly from it.
Why would I provide proof? Read my statement again: the story directly implies that it did. No subtlety, no fridge logic, no digging into director's commentaries, unfilmed scripts or deleted scenes. That's just the way it's written and just the way it's filmed.

Whether it did IN FACT is debatable even within the context of the story (McCoy and Scotty do exactly this in one of the IDW comics). Lots of people -- me included -- believe it sprang from a universe that was already alternate enough to have other differences that can't be traced back to Nero per se.

That doesn't change what is IMPLIED by the setup of the story and its internal dialog. But as even Spock would concede, implication and reality are not always the same thing.
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