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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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The Haunting of Deck 13
Another nice episode. But I think I'd have preferred it if Neelix was an unreliable narrator. There's hints that's what they were thinking about, but in the end he just tells the kids everything. BORING.
I don't know that a still don't know what the #@#$%#@$% this episode is all about...

A skipper for me.

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Unimatrix Zero
Ok, not as a bad as the brief synopsis made it sound. I do understand why people complain Voyager neuters the Borg though. Between this and Dark Scorpion the Borg have lost a lot of what made them awesome in the first place.
I believe you are referring to Dark Frontier.

Of all the borg stuff in Voyager, Uni negative zero is the worst IMO.
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