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Re: Should a New Star Trek show be willing to kill off major character

What Walking Dead do isn't killing their major characters like flies. But to give the feel of desperate life of their major character in the forsaken world. They give us a feeling that every characters can dead anytime (even when they were always survive), and when they survived, it gave us a relieved / happiness; because our hero / heroine will return in the next episode.

So basically, Walking Dead is raping their characters and push them all into the wall. Sometime, I feel sorry for them (the characters) and hope that they will find a safer place for their live.

Star Trek was different. They didn't give us the desperate feeling like what we feel from Walking Dead. And they didn't give us a massive characters conflict like in "Lost". They even lack of character development. The season 1 Kirk is the same as the last TOS Star Trek Kirk. The season 1 Picard is the same as the last TNG movie Picard. They are not change. That's why, sometime I want to see Picard as Admiral rather than the "forever' Captain.
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