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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

With the book failing to grab me yet, with nothing to do Sunday night and having enjoyed Fury I decided to do a mini marathon.

Nice episode. Three appearances for Barclay, that's not too shabby. And another for Troy. Blocking was a bit off for Picardo in places, but overall he did a great job portraying two people at the same time. And the Midas array now transmits every month. Hmmm, it's cool but I wonder if it's too much. But with only one season left what does it matter. I do like the hint about the problem with the Marquis for Starfleet. Janeway picks up on the word and immediately alarm bells start ringing because she doesn't think like that any more. Chakotay hears it and doesn't bat an eyelid because he always knew the day would be coming eventually.

The Haunting of Deck 13
Another nice episode. But I think I'd have preferred it if Neelix was an unreliable narrator. There's hints that's what they were thinking about, but in the end he just tells the kids everything. BORING.

Unimatrix Zero
Ok, not as a bad as the brief synopsis made it sound. I do understand why people complain Voyager neuters the Borg though. Between this and Dark Scorpion the Borg have lost a lot of what made them awesome in the first place.
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