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Re: Who Should Be the Next Captain of the Enterprise?

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I'm not against Worf as Captain, just the notion it's less fan wanky than Sisko or Kira being Captain.

I think the fanwanky idea comes from the fact that Worf is already there. Sisko just recieved new orders from Starfleet to go and explore the Gamma Quadrant, according the Peaceable Kingdoms. He is happy where he is, with his family. And the last time we saw Kira, she was transported onto an alien ship with Taran'Atar standing in front of her. Not only that, she left Starfleet to become a Vedek. It would not fit her character at all for her to suddenly become part of Starfleet again, because someone asked her to command the Enterprise. There is no appeal to her to rejoin.

So, both characters suddenly finding themselves in a place where they would want to take command of the Enterprise, would be out of character. If the authors of Treklit decide to still put one of them in command, even though it makes no sense and only to gratify some fans, then that makes it fanwank.

And yes, in a way, putting Worf in command of a prestigous ship like the Enterprise without never having commanded any other ship before that, can be considered odd aswell.

However, Worf has been in command of a starship before, many times. When he took the Defiant out, while he was assigned to DS9, for patrol or what-not, he was in command. It wasn't like he had to call to the station and ask Benny what to do next.
Nope, he commanded that ship. He might not have had the rank of captain, but he was IN COMMAND. So, he does have previous experience. Quite a lot, really.
There's nothing fanwanky about Starfleet deciding to transfer Sisko to the Enterprise, because he's a qualified and experienced CO. Kira being out of Starfleet and MIA is harder to overcome. In both cases reasons could be created for them to say yes. In Sisko's case as a Starfleet officer he is expected to follow orders. A new assignment is an order.

The only fanwanky part is the same as with Worf, they are existing Star Trek characters and it smacks of small universe syndrome.
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