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It would have worked better if the villain wasn't ultimately so cartoonish. Instead of blowing up Earth, if his objective had been more subtle, more nuanced.
My take was that the destruction of Earth wasn't one of Shizon's priorities. Rather it was a promise he made to the Romulan military in exchange for their co-operation, the Simitar could only be in one place at a time and Shizon needed the Romulan military to control the empire. Failure to live up to his promise relatively quickly would result in the military turning on him.

Except, the reason Donatra turned on Shinzon was because she believed he would destroy Earth. And it was this belief she expressed to Commander Suran to convince him to move against Shinzon as well.

Donatra was turning the military against Shinzon, not on principal, but because he essentially said to her "Romulans are second-class citizens." Donatra wasn't on Shinzon's side from the beginning. It wasn't Donatra standing up there saying "Why haven't you attacked earth?" That was Suran. The plans against the Federation were not known. Suran thought it was to conquer Earth. Whatever his motivation to change, Suran is the one who changed his mind, not Donatra.
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