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Re: Why no Sela in 'Nemesis'?

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What role could she have played? Taken Donatra's place as the Romulan Shinzon snubs?
There's no way Sela could have fulfilled the role that Donatra did.

As we all saw, Donatra was an honorable character and, in the end, relatively friendly towards the Federation; Sela was a radical ultra-nationalist "more Romulan than Romulans" who hated everything about her human half, and by extension, hated the Federation itself. There's no way Sela would have ever helped Picard and crew like Donatra did.

Remember, Donatra seemed rather horrified at Shinzon's plans to wipe out Earth and all the rest of the Federation planets. Sela would have enthusiastically joined in said plans. And whereas Donatra dispatched medical personnel and supplies to aid the stricken Enterprise-E...Sela would have locked weapons and destroyed them.

Sela was full of hate. Donatra was not.

And also remember that there's absolutely no reason to believe anything Sela says. Just look at her attitude; she willingly betrayed her mother to death, and anyone who does that, can't be trusted. Sela said that her father saw Tasha "and became enamoured with her", but for all we know, the general simply had his way with Tasha, let her live long enough to see Sela's birth, and then disposed of her. (Tasha was, after all, a prisoner of war. Of the Romulans, no less. Nobody seriously believes that any of the Enterprise-C survivors - Tasha included - would ever have been allowed to live, right? Romulans simply don't do that. Sela also said that Tasha willingly submitted herself to the general if the Ent-C survivors would be spared - but why take Sela, or the general, at their word? He could easily have ordered the survivors executed anyway.)
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