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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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So Silver-Age fanwankery then mixed with Monday morning quarterbacking.
You asked "what's more heroic?" I gave you the definitive answer. Sorry if you don't like it.
Well maybe if there was something other than the usual "There should have been another way" thing which is usually used to mean the writers need to do an asspull. I wouldn't consider it the usual comic fanboy minority complaint.
But now you are changing the topic. Your question was quite simple, "what's more heroic" and the answer is quite simple and it is not really a subjective answer. I wasn't saying what I would like to see, I was answering your question in a fairly objective fashion --with a subjective plug for Morrison's run on Action which I am quite fond of. I don't see any arguing with my point.

You could argue more subjectively that you felt that his actions in Man of Steel were heroic enough (and I would agree with you) but in the context of a super-hero movie there is plenty that Superman could have done to be more heroic.

The whole point of the story was that he was learning to be a hero. If this were the opening arc to a comic book, the follow up issues would most likely be written with Superman thinking exactly that, that he could have done more, and learning from those mistakes.

In fact, the movie could have ended much better with a scene with Lois and Superman (for example) with Superman feeling down because he knows that he could have done a better job and Lois encouraging him to be a better hero.
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