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Re: Director's cuts in blu-ray?

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I really don't get this.

TFF was at a level of stupid that Nemesis couldn't hope to replicate.

Nemesis isn't even my least favourite Next Gen movie, flawed as it was - Insurrection and especially Generations were worse.

TFF is just cringeworthy. Sybok, the God creature, flying to the centre of the galaxy, the effects, Uhura's dance, I could on and on. Utterly cringeworthy...
IMO, compared to Nemesis I'd say that Insurrection was quality entertainment and Generations was downright Oscar-worthy.
  • I found Sybok to be quite refreshing and Luckinbill's performance was superb.
  • What exactly did you find "cringe-worthy" about "God?"
  • I couldn't care less about the Enterprise flying to the center of the galaxy anymore than I could care less about it flying to the edge of the galaxy in multiple TOS episodes.
  • The effects (at least the ones in space) were pretty horrible, I'll give you that.
  • The only problem I have with Uhura's dance is that they didn't let Nichols actually sing the song.
As in all things, your mileage might vary.
Indeed it does, but that's what makes life interesting !

TFF was bad in big, broad, bold, garish strokes. Nemesis failed in rather mundane ways...
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