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Re: NASA artist Bob McCall's TMP paintings

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I would love it if bob had done some art on what he thought a new Enterprise would look like--same with Syd Mead and Luigi Colani.
I don't know if Syd Mead would feel okay designing a new Enterprise (he introduced me to Andrew Probert) but I know that Andrew Probert has drawn a lot of inspiration from Luigi Colani because he said so.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, Andrew's style reflects a certain Colani touch, which I think becomes even more evident in Andrew's design proposal for the Enterprise-F.

(I was a fan of Colani before I became a fan of Probert )

I also agree with the comments on John Berkey, I feel about his work somewhat like Jonathan Frakes felt about "Yesterday's Enterprise": I do not know what the fu** happened in that episode. I'm still trying to understand it but I liked the look."

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